Rhinebeck Weekend

This is the weekend knitters flock to the mecca of knitting festivals.  I have never been but it is the number one item on my knitting bucket list.  I am already looking at lodging for next year’s event in case I am able to make it happen then.

This last month has been really frustrating.  The knitting gods are  not on my side right now.  I have some babies coming at year-end to people in my office. I started out knitting a cotton blanket but realized it was going to take forever and that I could have knit a sweater in the time I had gotten 1/3 of the way through it.  Frogged!!  Then I started a sweater vest with the same yarn, and it just isn’t working.  The yarn is thick and thin spun yarn and it just sags to much.  This will also be frogged over the weekend.

I have also started a couple of socks and have not made much progress because I’m just not excited about them.  And then there are probably half a dozen shawls in some state of progress that need to be finished but I have also lost interest in.  I hope to sort through some of those and decide on their destiny.  I am hoping if I get more organized I will feel better and forge onward!

The good news is I will be going to SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair) in 2 weeks!!  I was last there in 2014. So looking forward to it!!


How does this happen??


The second weekend in September while at Mountain Song Festival, I started a Prowl Shawl.

Now this is not a difficult pattern. It is basically a K2, P2 pattern. I CAN DO THIS!! And yet Prowl has proven that I cannot. After getting through the first section, I decided to rip it out and start over because I had screwed up and the count wasn’t right. I got halfway through the 2nd section and had 2 rows that I had to rip back and knit, not once but twice! Then as I got to the end of the second pattern repeat in the third section I saw that I had screwed up again between the two repeats.


UNCLE! I just could not handle any more of this pattern. It is currently in time out while I soothe my wounded knitting soul and work on some vanilla socks for Socktober. I suspect when I come back to Prowl that I will rip it and find another project for the yarn. Grrrr!

White Squirrel Festival 2015

Yes, yes this festival does exist. An annual Brevard, NC Memorial Day weekend event. This was my first year attending and I don’t think it will be the last.

There was a street festival with booths on Saturday and Sunday. Bands played Friday night, most of Saturday, and Sunday. These guys played Friday night – the one band we had to see:


As always, a great performance. Still a little annoyed with them for moving to Nashville in January, but hopefully we will still get to see them a few times a year.


I started a scarf twice while I was there, but ripped it out twice. I just wasn’t feeling it with the yarn I was using so I started a Zilver shawl. This project feels right.
Sometimes it’s all about how a yarn and a pattern feel together. I will post a progress picture soon. I also had a SIP (Sock in Progress) with me.

Yarnfest 2015

This week I attended Yarnfest 2015 in Loveland, CO.  I did not participate in anything beyond the classes and the vendor floor.  So it could have been any event as far as I was concerned although it was an Interweave event.  I did not feel they had a huge presence there.  Of course that could be due to my lack of involvement in anything outside of my classes.  But to be fair, I had a much more compelling reason to be in Colorado:

  We had a really wonderful time with those two.  We hit several good restaurants and bars while we were in Ft. Collins.  

But back to Yarnfest.  I took 4 classes – 3 of which I totally enjoyed.  That seems to be the best I can hope for at any yarn event.  The market was small but fairly nice.  It was nice seeing vendors that I have not seen before.  I went a little crazy buying yarn at the Canyon Ranch yarn booth:


One afternoon when I did not have a class and it was rainy, we did a yarn shop crawl in Ft. Collins.  We hit 4 different yarn stores but as always the best was the Loopy Ewe – because it is THE LOOPY EWE.  And I bought this adorable bag there.  Hummingbirds and peace signs – I was hooked.


And my very favorite small shop – My Sister Knits.  I cannot say enough good things about this store.  If you are ever in the area, you have to go there.  The store lives at the back of a pretty house on a residential street.  You approach from the driveway and through the back garden which is beautifully landscaped and includes a pretty little chicken coop.  The shop is the former carriage house and is packed full of the yarns I most love to work with.  I was very strong on this trip (and the husband was looking over my shoulder to curtail as much yarn purchasing as he could) and only purchased this:


Our last day in Ft. Collins took us into the Poudre Canyon.  There was still snow everywhere and the views of the mountains and snow were amazing.  I could have driven all the way to Steamboat Springs about 4 hours away but that would not have been practical on this trip. Must plan for that the next time. 


This is currently my last planned yarn event this year.  I did attend Vogue Knitting Live in NYC in January but failed to post anything about that trip and now it seems too late.  It was the best yarn event I have been to to date and I am very happy to have that one off my bucket list.  

Are you kidding me???

I found the coolest yarn at the end of last week.  It is Done Roving Yarns Frolicking Feet Transitions.  It comes in the form of a yarn cake within a plastic container that serves kind of like a yarn bowl.  There is a little hole in the top of the container that the yarn feeds through.   frolickingfeet05(Photo is from Sheepish where I purchased it)

The colors are wonderful.  I started a shawl with my yarn on Friday night and continued work on it during the football game on Saturday:


Loving the simple knitting and the long color repeats.  Until Sunday night when I reached the next color…

KNOTTED!!!  Are you effing kidding me????  Someone should be taken out and flogged for this.  No one thinks that knots in a skein of yarn is a good idea.  And on top of that, since I didn’t see it coming, I had to TINK back half a row so I could cut the yarn and start the row with the new color. 

I still love the colors and everything else about the yarn so I will carry continue with the shawl and hopefully will get around to posting a picture of the finished project. But still so frustrating!



By far, the best part of the Fall Fling. She is smart, funny and a good instructor.


And evidently hates compliments – she says that is a canadian thing. In fact she is uncomfortable with people looking at her. She avoids eye contact when she isn’t teaching or speaking and admits that public speaking makes her very uncomfortable.

I took her Grok the Sock class – I still don’t know what grok means. Even though I have been knitting socks for years, I learned new things.

We started on a baby sock during the class to work through the different parts of the sock:


I have already frogged it since I want to re-purpose the yarn.

Stephanie was by far the best part of the conference. I honestly found the rest of it, including my second class, rather disappointing. The best thing I got out of my other class was the recommendation of another Ft. Collins yarn store, My Sister Knits. It was in the carriage house in a beautiful back garden of a pretty home. They have a beautiful assortment of yarn – probably a good thing I don’t get to Colorado more than twice a year.

The best thing about the trip overall was my time with these people:


All the Crazy Knitters

Here I am on a not so pretty early fall day in Loveland, CO.


BUT! I am at the Loopy Ewe Fall Fling! The activities kick off tonight with a welcome reception with STEPHANIE PEARL MCPHEE!!! Followed by classes tomorrow, the first being with STEPHANIE PEARL MCPHEE!!! I am such a groupie.

At registration this afternoon, we got this nifty gift bag:


Not too bad.

Another bonus of being here is that I can spend the time with lovely, no.1 daughter, Caroline. AND her brothers flew out with us so we can all be together for the husbands BIG birthday on Sunday.

Cheers ya’ll!


I’ve Got Blisters on my Fingers!

At the end of May I finally had the pleasure of taking a class at the John C. Campbell Folk School.  This has been on my bucket list for several years and thanks to my knitting buddy, Melissa, who made it happen, we went.  I always thought I would take a fiber arts class when I went. Weaving, spinning, dyeing…but the weekend chosen did not offer any of those so of course I took beginning ukulele.  Wouldn’t you?


We had a nice, large class with a very generous (he took pity on my poor strumming abilities) and fun teacher.  At the end of the weekend, he had us ready to perform “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” for the other students.  There is a gathering at the end of the week/weekend where you show what you have made/done in your class.  It was amazing to see how much people were able to accomplish in what totals to 12 hours of class time! 


The campus is pretty.  I had been here once before when we drove over from Robbinsville to check it out.  Meals are included in your stay and I would have to say the food is only so-so but that is not why we were there and there was no time to do our own cooking.  We did not stay on campus but had a rental house about a mile away which worked beautifully for us.  I am already looking forward to my next class there – hopefully in the fiber arts!


Stitches South 2014

Another Stitches under my belt.  As always, I attended with knitting buddy, Melissa.  This year it was held at the International Conference Center next to the airport instead of the Galleria where it has always been.  There were not as many vendors on the show floor this year.  Disappointing but probably for the best.  I did plenty of damage anyway:



The afternoon class I took Thursday was okay.  It was a “join as you go” class.  Interesting but I found the instructor uninspiring and will probably not use what I learned. 



Friday was an all day class with Amy Herzog.  She is a great instructor.  She was teaching from her book Knit to Flatter and I learned a lot.  Now I have to start knitting sweaters so I can use what she taught me.  Amy is a knitting rock star and I am pretty pumped about getting to meet her.

I am somewhat concerned about the small attendance to the show.  It seems that the South attendance is the smallest of all their shows (West, East, Midwest).  I may just have to start traveling to other shows. 

Snow x 2





I had brought work home with me so no good knitting time the two days we were home with this.  A little knitting in the evening while watching the Olympics.  I am currently working on a shawl and a hat.  Not overly excited about either one.  I have been in a slump since the first of the year.  I need to get over that.