Yesterday, I finished the baby blanket for E & S. Of course that only means I have finished knitting it. I need to wash and block it now before I can wrap it up and ship it to them.  There should be time to get this done in the next couple of weeks. It is monsoon season here in the ATL and so with all the moisture inside and out, now is not a good time to have a large piece of wool trying to dry on my dining room table.

I know what you are thinking…why would she make a baby blanket out of non-machine washable wool??  The primary reason is that I already had the yarn for it.  I had bought it for another project last March and when I started the other project, I discovered I really didn’t like it.  Also, I know the baby has very active, outdoorsy parents and the DC winters can get pretty cold.  So the blanket should work well in a pram or tucked around her in her car seat.  I hope they will forgive me when they have to hand wash it.

So here it is:


SOOOO, time to pull back out the wool jacket I have started.  This is a pattern by Sarah Dallas – a favorite british designer of mine.  I am going to have to rip out several rows on the front left piece because I misread the instructions and finished it too soon.  Ugh!

3 responses to “Woot!!

  1. It’s beautiful! I think they will forgive that they’ll have to spot clean it! Congratulations on finishing something. I have had a drawing on my table for over a month… nothing done but the sketch. Maybe you’ll inspire me! One can only hope!

  2. Looks great! I love the way the colors meld from one to the next. How’s the basement doing?

  3. These are great colors for the winter, too!

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