Shop Hop 2009!!!

Ahhh….my favorite time of year. Not only is it fall – which I love, but it is Shop Hop. Briefly, 10 shops, 10 days, $10 purchase per shop, get passport stamped and turn in when filled, grand prize drawing: $1000 in yarn. A license to buy yarn – wonderful! This is the 3rd year the Atlanta shops have done this and I am hoping for many more. Sadly, it didn’t workout that my fellow knitting fanatic, MK, could go with me although I am taking a day off work this week so that we can hit a few of the shops together.

So the last couple of weeks I have been working on the Sarah Dallas Jacket. I finished the left front piece and have started on the right. Pictures to come later. I was getting bored with the jacket and I just couldn’t help myself so I started a Mimzy Lace Cowl. I am using a Sundara sock yarn. I really like the colors. Here it is in progress:


One response to “Shop Hop 2009!!!

  1. Those colors are great!

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