Sailing, takes me away to where I’m going….

This week I am on vacation in Emerald Isle, NC.  I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful it is here.   I am not actually sailing although I did spend most of a day ferrying back and forth from Cedar Island to Ocracoke – a 2.5 hour ferry ride one way.  Here is the view from the house we are staying:

Beach Trip 2009 156

Gorgeous!  Beautiful!  Wish you were here!

And the side trips are so worth it. Today I went to New Bern to find the LYS (local yarn shop for you non-knitters). The shop was called Weaver’s Web. They offered not only knitting but also weaving and needlepoint products. There were some beautiful woven scarves there which got me going again about learning how to weave. Must work on that soon… So leaving there we walked down the block and there was Tryon Palace – check it out:

Beach Trip 2009 133

But never fear, my children, I have been knitting away and have completed youngest son’s “Ron Hat”.  My family calls beanies with ear flaps that because Ron Weasley (Harry Potter character) wore one in one of those movies.  Here is the finished product (with the help of a water jug that was willing to do the modeling):

Beach Trip 2009 226

I have no doubt it will look better on J-boy.

Lastly, many thanks to JBK for letting me borrow his camera and using the last of his battery and using some of his pictures for this post (even though he didn’t know I was using his other pictures).

2 responses to “Sailing, takes me away to where I’m going….

  1. I like your Ron hat. This fall, I have already pulled out my scarf, my fingerless gloves, and of course, my favorite Saturday morning with coffee socks! Have no doubt you are knitting full of inspiration after the shop hop and the vacation… and with Christmas coming! Hope you’ll have time for a Starbucks stop when you need to rest your fingers. Love you.

  2. I had a thought. Have you considered gathering yarn for a project that is of the colors of your sunset photos? I bet that colors of places you have visited would make some beautiful projects. Not that your colors are not beautiful anyway, because they are! But if you need some inspiration for something new, try your photos. Like what you saw in England. Or the sunset posted here.

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