Monthly Archives: January 2010

Getting Real

Okay so I wasn’t thinking clearly when I said I would post pictures last time. I have been spending the bulk of my weekends working on JC’s year end bookkeeping. And it will probably bleed into the first weekend in February but after that I am free and clear to load photos and write about my 2010 projects. I have finished a couple that I need to post. Stay tuned…

Must be user ineptitude

So I am pretty new to this blog thing and the reason I am so slack about posting is that I find loading the pictures a major pain in the ass.  Uploading and placement seem to be really hard for me and I can only assume it is my failings at understanding the process.  I truly admire the people who are able to publish to their blog almost every day.

I promise to get some new pictures on here over the weekend.

The Year of the Loom – 2010

So Happy New Year to all.  My family knows that I prefer even numbers (some weirdness I developed from all those years of being a bookkeeper) and so I am very happy to be in an even numbered year again.  2010 is just a good number over all and I have high hopes for a good year.

My employers gave everyone a cash gift this year for Christmas and instead of buying groceries or putting it in savings, I bought an Ashford Knitter’s Loom.  I have been thinking about weaving for more than a year now and finally decided instead of spending the $$ on weaving classes, I would buy a table top loom and see where that takes me.

The loom arrived on 12/30 but it took me until 1/2 to start weaving (taking down Christmas decorations got in the way).  I knew that warping (setting up) the loom would be the most time consuming part and I was right.  The loom came with step by step instructions and after several hours, I was ready to start weaving.  I had chosen a lace weight yarn (because it was really pretty) for the weft (back and forth yarn that is on the shuttle) but after several rows realized that it was just going to be too thin and so changed to a DK weight that works perfectly.  Check it out:

It seems that a lot of weaving is about getting the tension right.  The beginning of the scarf has inconsistent edging particularly on the right side but I am starting to get the hang of that. Practice, practice, practice…

And last but not least, I would like to leave you with a picture of my new grandpuppy.  He is totally adorable.  We were very lucky to have him join us for Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve this year.  His name is Olivander (Ollie) and he is mostly a Jack Russell Terrier.