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I truly suck at this blogging thing.  So no excuses, I just haven’t taken the time to make it happen.  And I really thought I would get some writing done a couple of weeks ago while on vacation but spent most of my free time playing cards with my sister and knitting.

I am trying something different – composing in Word and cutting and pasting into WordPress.

I am in trouble with multiple projects going on again.  I have made one sock:

I really like the pattern but it gets a little tedious so some time between the socks is a good thing.  I also need to spend more time on my photography.  I know I can do better.

I have started a couple of shawls and scarves also.  The first shawl is Gaenor.  I am using a sport weight yarn (I can’t remember whose yarn it is – sorry!) and here is a picture of my progress:

The other shawl will be introduced later.

2 responses to “Back to the Blog

  1. What about your weaving?
    This is a great post about the 10 commandments of food photos:
    Most could apply to your knitting as well.

  2. That’s a great link, Caroline. My number one commandment is the same as theirs; I try to never use my flash (until I bought the fancy one, now I use it occasionally, but it lights photos differently than on-camera flashes).

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