She’s baaacckk!!!

I was feeling frustrated by WordPress.  I found it too much work to load photos into my posts.  Silly I know.  It was really my own fault.  I keep all of my photos on my desktop Mac and I write all of my posts from my pc laptop.  I tried uploading my photos to Flickr and then back into my posts but somehow that didn’t work for me either.  I consider myself fairly computer literate but I must admit I find Facebook less than intuitive to use also.  This is a long way of saying that for a while I was trying out blogging on Tumblr.  I found it much easier to use but somehow I also found it lacking in features.  So (for now) I am going to stay true to WordPress.

2 responses to “She’s baaacckk!!!

  1. I tried the Flickr to wordpress thing too and couldn’t get it to work either.

  2. I honestly think WordPress is the best of them. But it does take some getting used to! Keep it up, though. I do enjoy reading what you’ve got, I’m sure I’d enjoy reading even more. 🙂

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