Love/Hate Shawls

So this is the Year of the Shawl.  I only thought it was the Year of the Loom.  I knit my first shawl in March and loved it.  It is really more of a shawlette.  I will probably wear it like a scarf.  I had to rip part of it out and start again but it was worth it.  I am happy with how it turned out.  Here it is on the blocking boards:

So, in April I started another shawlette.  I had received the yarn from one of my sock yarn clubs and fell in love with it instantly.  I moved through this one pretty quickly but once again, had to rip out some rows and knit them again part of the way through it.  I gave this one away to a friend:

Now I am working on two different shawls.  One is going to be a gift for a very good friend and I have to get it finished in the next 2 weeks!

One response to “Love/Hate Shawls

  1. Your pictures are looking better without the flash. I like the lacy-ness and the colors of the first one

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