Ode to Citron

I feel as though I am the last person in the Ravelry world to knit this shawl.  After wrestling with 2 other shawl patterns and my first stab at using lace weight yarn, I looked to Citron to save me.  I had actually started on this shawl using some very cool long striping yarn from Artsygal.  I am really loving the way this yarn is working with the pattern:  The colors aren’t quite right but I will publish the finished piece in better light taken with a better camera later.

Back to the story…I failed at two other shawl patterns and time was closing in on AK’s birthday (for whom I was using my beautiful Madelintosh Prairie Laceweight Yarn:  Man, do I love this yarn!  The color is amazing with little flecks of light blue running through it.  So after the first 2 failures, I put down the Citron I had been working on in the Artsgal yarn and started a Citron with the Prairie Yarn.  I worked like crazy on it for 3 weeks, adding an extra pattern repeat to make it larger and was finally binding off when we were on the drive to our weekend destination to celebrate AK’s birthday.  I had to take my blocking boards and pins with me to finish it before giving it to her but here is (another not very good picture of) the finished shawl:  We had a wonderful long weekend in the mountains where the weather was a good 10 degrees cooler than here and where watching goldfinches and hummingbirds (and one indigo bunting) was one of the daily activities.

So now I am finishing up the first Citron shawl (no one in mind for it yet), and I also started an Ishbel Shawl while in the mountains – more on that to come.

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