Fiber Dreams, Plan 1

I know there must be a way for me to earn a living working with yarn in some way.  I would not be in it to make loads of money, all I would need is enough to live on.  I just have not yet come up with a game plan yet.

So over the next several posts, I am going to explore my options and dreams.

Plan One – the obvious one: 

If I had a yarn shop, I would need capital to get it started and it would take a great deal of time to get going.  I have watched the small yarn shop down the street from my office struggle with staying open (so far, still there).  But the last time I was down there, the inventory was way down, and the class offering was almost at nothing.  They are no longer sending out regular blog postings or newsletters.  I hope they haven’t given up. 

So in my fantasy world, I will have a nice yarn shop in one of the many beautiful little Cotswold towns (but not too small or I would have no customers).  My shop will have two shop cats to lure in the customers and make them feel at home and a wine and tea/coffee bar.  My kids and husband will help me run the place.  I can’t move to England without them. 

And now back to the real world.  I am currently working on a baby surprise jacket using this nice cotton yarn from Plymouth Yarn  called Sweet Caroline (I had to have it if only for the name!):



This is how far I have gotten on the sweater so far:


photo (1)

Sage feels the yarn needs her stamp of approval:

Sage & Sweet Caroline

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