Fiber Dreams, Plan 2

Plan Two – Designing

This one is a non-starter.  This girl doesn’t have a creative bone in her body.  Now I know knitting and weaving are creative crafts but I am always following someone else’s patterns.  And honestly, I am quite happy to continue to do so. 


Yesterday I went to Eat.Sleep.Knit with knitting buddy, MK.  They have only done online or by appointment sales in the past but they have recently opened up 2 mornings a week to the public.  I had ordered the Madelintosh Prairie yarn I had used for AK’s citron shawl from them.  They have a really nice selection of Madelinetosh yarns, tons of Malibrigo and many other pretty yarns.  I must be in my blue phase now.

I bought some of their Tosh DK yarn:

Tosh DK


and some of their Pashmina yarn:

Madelinetoh Pashmina

Pretty!  Pretty! 

One response to “Fiber Dreams, Plan 2

  1. Oh so you’re the one I got it from

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