Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day to you!  Do they say that in England?  No idea.  Clearly, I need to head over there to research it.

Another frantic holiday season full of too much socializing, too much sugar, and too much alcohol.  I am not sad that it is over. What is it about our society that feels that it has to cram all these get-togethers into the 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas? 

So here is my Christmas 2010 Knitting Nightmare.  I had made these mitts for G at my office as a Christmas gift about a month ago.  The colors of the yarn are really nice but it was splitty and very hard to work with.   I didn’t realize until I blocked them the night before I was going to give them to G that I had made the 2nd one shorter than the first one and somehow also managed to screw up the i-chord trim on the 2nd one. 


I could not possibly give G these sad looking things so I have started a neck warmer for her instead and hope to get that finished and given to her before the New Year. 

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