First FO of 2011

I actually finished this the first week of January and have been using it in the evenings when it gets cooler in the house.  It is surprisingly warm.  This is Brooklyn Tweed’s Terra Shawl in Shelter Homemade Jam.  There are a couple of reasons I am keeping it for myself.  I do really like the Shelter yarn but it is rather rough and scratchy.  I think of British yarns when I work with it, particularly Rowan’s tweedy wools. 




I haven’t blocked it yet so as you can see, the edge curls upward and the stitch definition of the lace edge is not as defined as it should be.  The color is truer in the close-up pic. 

After the Great Southern Snowstorm of 2011 last week, I thought it would be nice to do the photo shoot in the snow in my backyard but I think that was too much white for my camera and so the top picture came out too brown. 

One response to “First FO of 2011

  1. There’s a way to adjust the white balance on D-SLRs. I imagine there’s a button you push, and then you take a picture of something white, and then maybe push another button… Not owning one I just know it’s possible, not how’s it’s done.
    I like the geometrical and the softer edging together.

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