G’s Gift

I finally finished the shawl and decided it was not too embarrassing to give to G. 


Clearly did not do a great job of blocking it but then I don’t have a lot of patience for that.  I think it turned out pretty well anyway. 

The pattern is Little Colonnade by Stephen West.  He designs simple but fun shawl patterns – other patterns too but his shawl designs are what I really love.

The yarn is Schaefer Yarns Heather in the color Eleanor Roosevelt:

Schaefer - Heather - Eleanor Roosevelt

The actual color is somewhere in between this picture and the pictures of the finished shawl.  I still need to work on my photography skills.  And it would help if I didn’t take pictures with my phone.  I am generally too lazy to get out the big camera and then go through the process of uploading the pictures to my laptop.  So much easier to take pictures on my phone and email them to myself for publishing. 

One response to “G’s Gift

  1. Pretty!

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