I Fell Off the Writing Wagon

I took the long holiday weekend off from writing letters, using the excuse that I was out of town on vacation (which I was).  But somehow last week I just could never get back to it.  I know M is very disappointed in me.  But so it goes.  It doesn’t mean I will never write to her again, just that I am done for now.  It was fun cleaning up and using my fountain pens again.

I need to update you all with current knitting projects but most of my pictures are on another computer so here is what I have been working on over the weekend:



This is the first 5 inches of Rikke Hat.  I am knitting it for the 18 year old daughter of a co-worker.  She chose the yarn from my stash.  Since it is a sock yarn (The Yarn Yard’s toddy superwash in Ruck ‘n Maul) and the pattern calls for a dk weight yarn, I am knitting with two strands to get close to the right gauge for the hat.  This would not be my choice of color but I have been informed by my color consultant (you know who you are) that this is a very in color right now.  Who knew?  Perhaps everyone but me!

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