I feel the need to get my zen on.  No one at my house is happy with their work environment right now.  It happens.  I don’t know when it will change so we do what we can to manage how it affects us.  So we have spent a quiet weekend doing a few things around the house but mostly relaxing and doing whatever will take our minds off of work.   Adult beverages have helped us with the relaxing part.  But as always, knitting is the balm that eases my soul.

I bought this yarn at SAFF last October.  I love anything with long color repeats but this one just goes to black on all of their colors and I fell in love with it.



So this weekend, I started the Shinkan-Zen Shawl.  Very easy and soothing to knit.  Just a series of stockinette sections alternated with moss stitch sections and ending with a pleated edge. 

Here is what I have so far:



So here is (hopefully) to a good new week. 

Cheers ya’ll!



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