Stitches South 2014

Another Stitches under my belt.  As always, I attended with knitting buddy, Melissa.  This year it was held at the International Conference Center next to the airport instead of the Galleria where it has always been.  There were not as many vendors on the show floor this year.  Disappointing but probably for the best.  I did plenty of damage anyway:



The afternoon class I took Thursday was okay.  It was a “join as you go” class.  Interesting but I found the instructor uninspiring and will probably not use what I learned. 



Friday was an all day class with Amy Herzog.  She is a great instructor.  She was teaching from her book Knit to Flatter and I learned a lot.  Now I have to start knitting sweaters so I can use what she taught me.  Amy is a knitting rock star and I am pretty pumped about getting to meet her.

I am somewhat concerned about the small attendance to the show.  It seems that the South attendance is the smallest of all their shows (West, East, Midwest).  I may just have to start traveling to other shows. 

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