I’ve Got Blisters on my Fingers!

At the end of May I finally had the pleasure of taking a class at the John C. Campbell Folk School.  This has been on my bucket list for several years and thanks to my knitting buddy, Melissa, who made it happen, we went.  I always thought I would take a fiber arts class when I went. Weaving, spinning, dyeing…but the weekend chosen did not offer any of those so of course I took beginning ukulele.  Wouldn’t you?


We had a nice, large class with a very generous (he took pity on my poor strumming abilities) and fun teacher.  At the end of the weekend, he had us ready to perform “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” for the other students.  There is a gathering at the end of the week/weekend where you show what you have made/done in your class.  It was amazing to see how much people were able to accomplish in what totals to 12 hours of class time! 


The campus is pretty.  I had been here once before when we drove over from Robbinsville to check it out.  Meals are included in your stay and I would have to say the food is only so-so but that is not why we were there and there was no time to do our own cooking.  We did not stay on campus but had a rental house about a mile away which worked beautifully for us.  I am already looking forward to my next class there – hopefully in the fiber arts!


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