By far, the best part of the Fall Fling. She is smart, funny and a good instructor.


And evidently hates compliments – she says that is a canadian thing. In fact she is uncomfortable with people looking at her. She avoids eye contact when she isn’t teaching or speaking and admits that public speaking makes her very uncomfortable.

I took her Grok the Sock class – I still don’t know what grok means. Even though I have been knitting socks for years, I learned new things.

We started on a baby sock during the class to work through the different parts of the sock:


I have already frogged it since I want to re-purpose the yarn.

Stephanie was by far the best part of the conference. I honestly found the rest of it, including my second class, rather disappointing. The best thing I got out of my other class was the recommendation of another Ft. Collins yarn store, My Sister Knits. It was in the carriage house in a beautiful back garden of a pretty home. They have a beautiful assortment of yarn – probably a good thing I don’t get to Colorado more than twice a year.

The best thing about the trip overall was my time with these people:



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