Yarnfest 2015

This week I attended Yarnfest 2015 in Loveland, CO.  I did not participate in anything beyond the classes and the vendor floor.  So it could have been any event as far as I was concerned although it was an Interweave event.  I did not feel they had a huge presence there.  Of course that could be due to my lack of involvement in anything outside of my classes.  But to be fair, I had a much more compelling reason to be in Colorado:

  We had a really wonderful time with those two.  We hit several good restaurants and bars while we were in Ft. Collins.  

But back to Yarnfest.  I took 4 classes – 3 of which I totally enjoyed.  That seems to be the best I can hope for at any yarn event.  The market was small but fairly nice.  It was nice seeing vendors that I have not seen before.  I went a little crazy buying yarn at the Canyon Ranch yarn booth:


One afternoon when I did not have a class and it was rainy, we did a yarn shop crawl in Ft. Collins.  We hit 4 different yarn stores but as always the best was the Loopy Ewe – because it is THE LOOPY EWE.  And I bought this adorable bag there.  Hummingbirds and peace signs – I was hooked.


And my very favorite small shop – My Sister Knits.  I cannot say enough good things about this store.  If you are ever in the area, you have to go there.  The store lives at the back of a pretty house on a residential street.  You approach from the driveway and through the back garden which is beautifully landscaped and includes a pretty little chicken coop.  The shop is the former carriage house and is packed full of the yarns I most love to work with.  I was very strong on this trip (and the husband was looking over my shoulder to curtail as much yarn purchasing as he could) and only purchased this:


Our last day in Ft. Collins took us into the Poudre Canyon.  There was still snow everywhere and the views of the mountains and snow were amazing.  I could have driven all the way to Steamboat Springs about 4 hours away but that would not have been practical on this trip. Must plan for that the next time. 


This is currently my last planned yarn event this year.  I did attend Vogue Knitting Live in NYC in January but failed to post anything about that trip and now it seems too late.  It was the best yarn event I have been to to date and I am very happy to have that one off my bucket list.  

One response to “Yarnfest 2015

  1. Your Canyon Ranch yarns look like cabbage all wound up like that!

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