Monthly Archives: October 2015

How does this happen??


The second weekend in September while at Mountain Song Festival, I started a Prowl Shawl.

Now this is not a difficult pattern. It is basically a K2, P2 pattern. I CAN DO THIS!! And yet Prowl has proven that I cannot. After getting through the first section, I decided to rip it out and start over because I had screwed up and the count wasn’t right. I got halfway through the 2nd section and had 2 rows that I had to rip back and knit, not once but twice! Then as I got to the end of the second pattern repeat in the third section I saw that I had screwed up again between the two repeats.


UNCLE! I just could not handle any more of this pattern. It is currently in time out while I soothe my wounded knitting soul and work on some vanilla socks for Socktober. I suspect when I come back to Prowl that I will rip it and find another project for the yarn. Grrrr!