Rhinebeck Weekend

This is the weekend knitters flock to the mecca of knitting festivals.  I have never been but it is the number one item on my knitting bucket list.  I am already looking at lodging for next year’s event in case I am able to make it happen then.

This last month has been really frustrating.  The knitting gods are  not on my side right now.  I have some babies coming at year-end to people in my office. I started out knitting a cotton blanket but realized it was going to take forever and that I could have knit a sweater in the time I had gotten 1/3 of the way through it.  Frogged!!  Then I started a sweater vest with the same yarn, and it just isn’t working.  The yarn is thick and thin spun yarn and it just sags to much.  This will also be frogged over the weekend.

I have also started a couple of socks and have not made much progress because I’m just not excited about them.  And then there are probably half a dozen shawls in some state of progress that need to be finished but I have also lost interest in.  I hope to sort through some of those and decide on their destiny.  I am hoping if I get more organized I will feel better and forge onward!

The good news is I will be going to SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair) in 2 weeks!!  I was last there in 2014. So looking forward to it!!


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