I’ve Got Blisters on my Fingers!

At the end of May I finally had the pleasure of taking a class at the John C. Campbell Folk School.  This has been on my bucket list for several years and thanks to my knitting buddy, Melissa, who made it happen, we went.  I always thought I would take a fiber arts class when I went. Weaving, spinning, dyeing…but the weekend chosen did not offer any of those so of course I took beginning ukulele.  Wouldn’t you?


We had a nice, large class with a very generous (he took pity on my poor strumming abilities) and fun teacher.  At the end of the weekend, he had us ready to perform “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” for the other students.  There is a gathering at the end of the week/weekend where you show what you have made/done in your class.  It was amazing to see how much people were able to accomplish in what totals to 12 hours of class time! 


The campus is pretty.  I had been here once before when we drove over from Robbinsville to check it out.  Meals are included in your stay and I would have to say the food is only so-so but that is not why we were there and there was no time to do our own cooking.  We did not stay on campus but had a rental house about a mile away which worked beautifully for us.  I am already looking forward to my next class there – hopefully in the fiber arts!


Stitches South 2014

Another Stitches under my belt.  As always, I attended with knitting buddy, Melissa.  This year it was held at the International Conference Center next to the airport instead of the Galleria where it has always been.  There were not as many vendors on the show floor this year.  Disappointing but probably for the best.  I did plenty of damage anyway:



The afternoon class I took Thursday was okay.  It was a “join as you go” class.  Interesting but I found the instructor uninspiring and will probably not use what I learned. 



Friday was an all day class with Amy Herzog.  She is a great instructor.  She was teaching from her book Knit to Flatter and I learned a lot.  Now I have to start knitting sweaters so I can use what she taught me.  Amy is a knitting rock star and I am pretty pumped about getting to meet her.

I am somewhat concerned about the small attendance to the show.  It seems that the South attendance is the smallest of all their shows (West, East, Midwest).  I may just have to start traveling to other shows. 

Snow x 2





I had brought work home with me so no good knitting time the two days we were home with this.  A little knitting in the evening while watching the Olympics.  I am currently working on a shawl and a hat.  Not overly excited about either one.  I have been in a slump since the first of the year.  I need to get over that. 

Snowpocalypse 2014

Everyone knows that Atlanta can’t handle snow and ice.  That was proven yet again this week as our highways shut down with 2 inches of snow.  Atlantans panic at the first sign of snow and all rush home at the same time which creates gridlock on the roads around the city.  And the treatment of roads for weather like this is non-existent.  A friend was unable to leave school Tuesday night because there were students unable to get home to their families so she stayed with them overnight.  My sister has been trying to fly out of Houston for 2 days now to get home – all flights cancelled. 


2014-01-28 17.59.23

We were very fortunate that we were all able to get home safely on Tuesday.  And as I do love snow, enjoyed walking around the neighborhood in it yesterday.  But now I am done with it and ready for life as we know it to return.  And a lot of melting will happen today.



How gorgeous is this yarn?  This is Madelintosh Tosh DK in Midnight in Manhattan.  In my stash I have 6 skeins.  I JUST CAN’T FREAKIN’ FIND THEM!! 

I started this sweater IMG_4011_copy_small2

at the beginning of the summer with 2 skeins I pulled out and finished the back yesterday but now I can’t find the rest of the skeins and of course cannot remember where they are.  So after work today I am going to tear apart my yarn room until I can unearth the missing 4.  It won’t be pretty but I may go insane if I don’t find it.  I have no explanation as to why I didn’t pull out ALL the yarn when I started this project.  Middle age sucks.

Knitting for Others

Whenever I am knitting something, people will ask me who I am knitting the socks, shawl, scarf, mitts, etc. for.  Usually I say “no one in particular” but in reality I am knitting for myself.  I don’t need 33 shawls for myself and they don’t really get worn much because as much as I love knitting them, I don’t really feel like they are often my style.  It is all about therapy.  I find the rhythm of knitting so relaxing after a stressful day of work.  It is a great way for me to shut out the world.

I am also overly critical of most things I make and don’t consider them good enough for the real world.  And it isn’t always easy to know who will appreciate a hand knit item.  I have given baby knits to co-workers having babies and never heard anything more about them.  I have started a sweater for another baby coming in August.  The really crazy thing is that I have spent a fair amount of time trying to find the right pattern for the yarn I have and then starting 2 other sweaters before settling on this one.  And I have no idea if it will be any better received than the last ones. 

Matt  has asked me to make hats for his friends over the last year because they have admired the one I made for him.  That is when I have enjoyed knitting for others.  Here he is with a couple of them in their hats.


My mother in law and sister in law are also very appreciative of the things I have made for them.  I wove this shawl for the MiL for this past Christmas. 

Using these yarns:


I was fairly pleased with it since it was only the second thing I have ever woven on my table loom.  Too bad I didn’t press it better before I took these pictures!  But then I have never been good at ironing.  I believe it is time to pull out the loom again!

Cheers, ya’ll!


Time Flies When You are Having Fun

And sometimes when you’re not…


I have just finished another test knit for Cosymakes.  This time I made a fair isle toddler hat named Loon.  This was my first real shot at fair isle and I really enjoyed the challenge.  The yarn is Cosy’s Snapdragon Sport.




Cosette provided the yarn and pattern and I get to keep the finished project.  I also get to choose to receive two of her patterns.  And at some point she will post all of the test knitters’ finished hats on her blog and on Ravelry. 


I really enjoy test knitting.  For starters, it puts me in touch with designers.  And the more I can learn from designers, dyers, and spinners, the better. 


I have actually produced a lot over the last 6 months…maybe someday I will post some of those things.



Cheers ya’ll!