Keely’s Hat


I finished Keely’s hat a couple of weeks ago but needed to get a picture of her wearing it.  It looks so much better on her and the color is truer than the picture below:


She was looking for something slouchy so I hope this is what she was hoping for.  I think it looks really cute on her.


I Fell Off the Writing Wagon

I took the long holiday weekend off from writing letters, using the excuse that I was out of town on vacation (which I was).  But somehow last week I just could never get back to it.  I know M is very disappointed in me.  But so it goes.  It doesn’t mean I will never write to her again, just that I am done for now.  It was fun cleaning up and using my fountain pens again.

I need to update you all with current knitting projects but most of my pictures are on another computer so here is what I have been working on over the weekend:



This is the first 5 inches of Rikke Hat.  I am knitting it for the 18 year old daughter of a co-worker.  She chose the yarn from my stash.  Since it is a sock yarn (The Yarn Yard’s toddy superwash in Ruck ‘n Maul) and the pattern calls for a dk weight yarn, I am knitting with two strands to get close to the right gauge for the hat.  This would not be my choice of color but I have been informed by my color consultant (you know who you are) that this is a very in color right now.  Who knew?  Perhaps everyone but me!

Still Writing


So far so good….I have sent BFF, M letters on 2/2, 2/3, 2/4.  She will no doubt get sick of me before this is over.  I am taking the easy way out because writing to her is like writing in a journal. 

Today I sent birthday cards to the sister-in-law and the nephew.  Hers is today (so I will be a day late) and his is tomorrow.

I need to pull out my stationary since I am doing all this writing.  So far just sending letters on scratch pads – very uncool!

A Month of Letters


I read about this today on Blue Peninsula’s Blog and decided to join in even though I am starting a day late.  I plan to pen my first letter today on my lunch hour.

I know it is highly unlikely that I will hit every day for the rest of the month but I am loving the idea since like so many others, I have fallen into the “email as the quickest form of communication” rut. 

Time to polish off the old fountain pens!

My Whippoorwill

Two weeks ago, I was at Eat.Sleep.Knit and saw a woman wearing a Whippoorwill shawl.  I told her how beautiful it was and seeing it “live” made me want to start one right away (I already owned a copy of the pattern).  She commented that she hated knitting it because the stockinette was so deadly boring but she got through it and loved the finished product. 

There is nothing I enjoy so much as planning a new knitting project.  I went through some of my (more than abundant) stash and came up with these yarns for the shawl:


Two of my very favorite yarn lines.  The Madelinetosh is their Tosh DK in Norway Spruce.  It will be the contrast color for the lace edging. 

The Indigodragonfly is their DK Polwarth Silk in colorway Young Helpless Damsels in Damp Climates.  This was a humongous skein that came with a yarn club package sometime in the last 6 months.  It is 750 yards.  You can tell how large the yarn cake is when set next to a normal size yarn cake:


I think it will be perfect for the Whippoorwill shawl.  And I am torturing myself even further by knitting the large size!


I have been working on these for 3 weeks – Ugh! I wish I had more knitting time!  This is the Sleekit Mitts Pattern.




Very simple lines – I love it!  I wish I could tell you what the yarn is.  It is a skein I had used to start a shawl last year that got shelved and then frogged because I wasn’t loving it and I lost the ball band.  The color is wonderful.  These mitts are pour moi because I have given away every other pair I have ever made and my hands get cold when I knit these days.  At least on the few winter days we have had this year.  Most of the time it feels like spring here and the poor cherry trees are so confused!  I really need to move north so I can have a real winter. 

Many thanks to Julie for being my hand model!

New Year, New Theme

In with the new.  I am hoping that adopting a new theme will get me more inspired to write this year.  I expect I will start out with a bang but then lose my momentum.  I am sadly so predictable.

New project!  This is the yarn:


Unfortunately, I have no idea what it is as I no longer have the skein band.  I had started a rather difficult shawl with it sometime last year and frogged it Sunday to use for these mitts: 

Sleekit Mitts



Sage gives the yarn her seal of approval.


Goodbye 2011, here’s to 2012!

Alright so I have not written since my vacation at the end of June.  I have no good excuse for it,  just laziness.  After sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day at work

I find it difficult to spend my time at home doing the same.  Especially when I can spend it knitting!

What brings me here today is that I am actually spending the day cleaning up my home office in order to start 2012 somewhat organized.  We’ll see how long that lasts…

As for resolutions, again, I would like to be more organized and better about documenting my FOs and sticking with no more than 3 projects at a time and finishing before starting new ones.  We’ll see how long that lasts too. 

I stupidly forgot to photograph the one project I made for a Christmas present.  It was a lace scarf for sister-in-law D that I was finishing and blocking at the very last minute so forgot to take a pic.  I didn’t particularly enjoy making it but it turned out pretty and she seemed to love it which is what counts.

Sage wishes you all an excellent new year!

Sage 123111

Addison’s Big Mountain Adventure

Addison is on the move again after taking a month off to recover from her Big New England Adventure.


Addison is on her way to the Blue Ridge Mountains and she is really looking forward to getting back to a cooler region. And as it turns out, it is also a wetter region. The morning and early afternoon were quite nice. She drove the parkway making stops to admire the view:



After a big lunch in Asheville, Addison returned to The Red House Inn in Brevard and napped until dinner time waiting for the rain to pass.

Addison’s Last Vacation Days

Addison said goodbye to the Berkshires and hello to Boston


It was suggested to us the best thing to do in Boston was a pub crawl of the Freedom Trail so we followed the trail from the Boston Common20110704-092700.jpg



First stop, the Beantown Pub where we had the best lobster roll



Next on tap, The Green Dragon for fantastic clam chowdah!




Addison visited the Old North Church and Paul Revere’s home